Every company needs computers if they plan to cut costs and maintain productivity. The trouble is, not all companies can afford to outright purchase the computing solution they need. Hosted solutions are a much more cost-effective way for large or small companies to get the solution they need without a huge upfront investment. It all starts with an assessment of the companies needs. Each business is different, so a customized solution will always work best. Business owners and leaders will gain a sense of just what they need so they can avoid purchasing services or resources they don’t need.

While it’s important to have enough resources to provide adequate computing power for each employee, it’s even more important that the system stays up at all times. The best thing about hosted services is that 24/7 support is included in the flat monthly rate. Service providers are able to keep the system running and virus free by offering real-time monitoring, antivirus management, and desktop support.

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Hosted services work very differently from on-site solutions. First off, service providers own the servers that host the instance. This means that when it comes maintaining the server, service providers are responsible for everything. Support services include upgrades to the operating system, updating virus definitions, and repairing the hardware is anything goes wrong. This kind of support can ease the mind of a business owner and help make sure everything runs smoothly.


Since managed services provide the expertise of trained IT professionals, the work can also be guaranteed. The same can’t be said for companies that purchase their own servers and hire additional staff members for support. The cost of hiring additional staff members can easily total several hundred thousand dollars per year. This is considerably more than paying a flat monthly rate for hosted services.

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of a hosted solution. Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems can be hosted on the same server. This makes it possible to run almost any kind of software the company may need. Most importantly, the service can be scaled up or down as the needs of the company change. This means hosted solutions can fit into almost any budget.

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